26 Dec 2012
December 26, 2012

Good luck to Derek Mann on his retirement

As more of our Clients are aware, Derek Mann retired at the end of September.  We could not let such a momentous event pass without some commemoration.  So in the last weekend of September, all members of staff and their partners celebrated Derek’s distinguished career in geotechnical engineering and his significant contribution to Crossfield at the Ettington Park Hotel, near Stratford.  As anyone who knows Derek well would expect, he had a major hand in the choice of menu and accompanying wines.

It was a memorable weekend with much reminiscing, but also looking positively to the future.

As usual with Derek’s approach, his retirement was a thoroughly considered move and had been planned for some time with colleagues at Crossfield.  So, apart from missing Derek’s Scottish bonhomie on the phone, you are unlikely to see other major changes in our overall service.  Our aim remains to provide a high level of service with timely advice that assists the overall project delivery and minimises construction costs, risks of poor value and potential delays.

As Derek enjoys his time in retirement, we will be continuing to serve you and will be maintaining and seeking to improve the quality of our service.

Crossfield has much to thank Derek for and as individuals we have all benefited from his knowledge, experience and mentoring skills.

We wish Derek & his wife, Alison, a long, happy and healthy retirement.

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