Earthworks design and verification

Earthworks design and verificationCrossfield Consulting has considerable experience in the design of earthworks and has designed, supervised and validated earthworks on a variety of different sized projects, from minor re-profiling works on small residential developments to the construction of large development platforms for distribution warehouses. In recent years Crossfield Consulting has designed the earthworks for several large (> 950,000 sq. ft.) distribution centres around the UK for major supermarket, high street and internet retailers.

In addition to creating level platforms or the construction of raised bunds/embankments, Crossfield Consulting has also designed and implemented several earthwork schemes that have included the removal (and, where required, treatment and modification) of loose/soft materials and the re-placement and compaction of these materials as Engineered Fill. We have used this approach on several projects and these works have enabled shallow foundations and ground bearing floor slabs to be used on sites where ground treatment or piled foundations have previously been recommended. The engineered solutions provided by Crossfield Consulting have resulted in significant cost savings for our clients.

We approach all sites with the aim of retaining and re-using materials, where possible. Our combined approach to geotechnical and environmental issues enables us to achieve this objective.

We can design appropriate investigations to identify potential fill materials, undertake suitable laboratory testing and then classify the materials for reuse. Where materials are identified that are not suitable for re-use in an as-dug condition, we have considerable experience in providing solutions to treat, modify or stabilise materials to permit their re-use within the development.

After identifying and classifying materials, Crossfield Consulting produces Specifications that detail how the earthworks should be undertaken. The type of Specification produced will depend on the earthwork that is proposed. All Specifications will detail the control and validation testing that is required during the works, with an emphasis on on-site testing that will enable any problems to be quickly identified and rectified without causing unnecessary delays to the construction programme.

We also provide independent monitoring and validation so that a completion report can be produced. This confirms that the earthworks meets the Specification and satisfies third parties and funders.