Services - Crossfield Consulting

Crossfield Consulting’s combined approach to geotechnical and geoenvironmental issues is efficient in terms of cost as well as time. Our site investigations are well designed, logical and phased; they meet both regulatory requirements and development objectives.

Potential ground-related problems that may be encountered during land development are diverse and this is reflected in the range of geotechnical and geoenvironmental services we offer:

  • Desk studies
  • Pre-purchase/divestiture appraisals
  • Environmental audits
  • Ground investigations
  • Assessment of contaminated land
  • Quantitative risk assessments
  • Ground gas assessment and design of protection measures
  • Design of remediation schemes
  • Independent verification
  • Earthworks design and verification
  • Assessment of mine workings and their treatment
  • Foundation and substructure design
  • Construction monitoring and validation
  • Temporary works design
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Rock slope design
  • Waste classification
  • Material management/waste minimisation

Our expertise and experience in providing innovative and cost-effective ground engineering solutions can add real value to a project  from small residential developments, large commercial warehouses and distribution centres to wind turbine sites.

We also have considerable experience in providing assessment and advice for road and rail schemes, as well as conducting appraisals for property acquisitions and transfers.

We identify economical solutions to ground-related problems and have a proven track record of saving money for our clients.


Desk studies

The starting point of any development and  the minimum requirement for local authority approval of planning applications.


Ground investigations

If the desk study identifies potential geotechnical problems and/or possible pollutant linkages, we are able to design logical, phased and cost-effective ground investigations.


Risk assessments

Assessment provides a rational and economical basis for appraisal and, if necessary, design of remedial solutions.


Earthworks design & verification

From minor re-profiling works to large development platforms, our engineered solutions have resulted in significant cost savings for our clients.


Ground stability

Development land can be unlocked when ground stability constraints are economically addressed.


Foundation & sub-structure design

For those sites that are not suitable for conventional, unreinforced shallow foundations. Providing a cost-effective solution for developers.


Pre-purchase/divestiture appraisals

Environmental audit of property where ownership is to be transferred with or without planned redevelopment.


Ground gas assessment and design of protection measures

We assess and develop practical ground gas protection solutions for installation in residential and commercial buildings.


Design of remediation schemes

We  add value to projects with carefully designed, integrated solutions, this enables us to provide cost-effective and practical remediation solutions.


Material management & waste minimisation

We will seek to advise on material re-use wherever possible. We can also advise and assist in waste classification and disposal as required.