Design of remediation schemes

Design of remediation schemesRemediation schemes can have high costs attached to them. Crossfield Consulting has an excellent track record of adding value to projects with carefully designed, integrated solutions.

Our solutions take into account the detailed quantitative risk assessments presented in our site investigation reports, together with physical constraints and the sensitivity of the environmental setting in which a site is located. This enables us to provide cost-effective and realistic remediation solutions.

Remediation may take the form of a simple cover system to form an effective barrier or may be more complex in terms of in situ or ex situ treatments of soil and/or water or the provision of in-ground barriers.

The old ideologies of ‘dig and dump’ – removal of large quantities of materials to landfill – are no longer sustainable or appropriate in the existing climate of heightened environmental awareness and landfill costs. We actively promote alternative remediation methods that meet the required objectives to eliminate/manage risks, enhance sustainability and minimise costs.

We design Remediation Implementation Plans; these detail the remediation objectives, how the work is to be undertaken and how the scheme will be verified to demonstrate compliance with the objectives.

Crossfield Consulting also provides advice to our clients through the tendering process of specialist subcontractors, including contract preparation. During remediation works, we will undertake independent monitoring and verification of the works so that regulators can be satisfied that the work has been undertaken in accordance with the implementation plan and that remediation objectives have been met.

We are members of CL:AIRE – Contaminated Land: Applications in Real Environments – an independent body that promotes the sustainable remediation of contaminated land and groundwater.