Ground investigations

Ground investigationsIf the desk study identifies potential geotechnical problems and/or possible pollutant linkages, Crossfield Consulting designs logical, phased and cost-effective ground investigations to address the relevant issues. We will always present the rationale for our investigation design and sampling regime in our reports.

Investigations can be undertaken before a site is purchased and when it may be covered by buildings and other structures or they can be carried out after purchase and site clearance. Crossfield Consulting has considerable experience of investigation techniques and nationwide contacts and we can provide the most appropriate investigation techniques to obtain the necessary data for our assessments.

Samples are collected in accordance with BS 5930 and BS 10175 and all testing is undertaken at UKAS accredited laboratories and, where relevant, in accordance with the Environment Agency’s monitoring certification scheme (MCERTS).

Our reports are compliant with BS 5930, BS 10175 and Eurocode 7, and will identify appropriate holistic options that achieve the most economical engineering solution for the project.