Our Company

Our company

“The design of a structure, which is economical and safe to construct, is durable and has low maintenance costs, depends on an adequate understanding of the nature of the ground.”*

Providing solutions to ground-related problems since 1997

Crossfield Consulting was formed in 1997 to offer consulting services on all aspects of ground engineering, including the assessment and remediation of contaminated land.

The major risks to any development are ground-related – and if these are not addressed at the start of a project, the result could be higher costs, time delays and in extreme cases, long term risks and liabilities.

We offer a combined approach to geotechnical and geoenvironmental site assessment and this helps us provide the most thorough and cost-effective service for our clients. This can result in sites that have previously been considered economically unviable becoming profitable development opportunities.

Crossfield Consulting aims to identify economical solutions to ground-related problems and this is achieved by adopting an integrated approach to the process of site investigations, design and on-site validation of construction.

In many cases, our findings and recommendations allow for more economical solutions and give our clients – both developers and contractors – the competitive edge that is so important in today’s economy.

Our client list is varied and includes developers of housing, distribution warehouses, retail stores, infrastructure, wind turbines and design and build contractors.

We can add value and mitigate the risks associated with the ground.

* The Association of Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Specialists.

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