Material management and waste minimisation

Material management and waste minimisationA key element of sustainable development is the re-use of on-site materials and the minimisation of waste. Crossfield Consulting has considerable experience in re-using excavated materials, thereby avoiding costly off-site waste disposal and minimising the need to import, dwindling and costly, natural mineral resources.

In recent years we have managed the movement of site-won materials in England and Wales in accordance with The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice (CoP) published by CL:AIRE. Crossfield Consulting has experience in advising contractors and developers on using the CoP and have produced Materials Management Plans (MMPs) on our Client’s behalf. Three of our senior staff are “Qualified Persons” under the scheme and they are capable of reviewing and signing off MMPs prior to submission of a Declaration to the Environment Agency.

Where off-site disposal is unavoidable, Crossfield Consulting can provide advice on exemptions/permitting, treatment/recycling and waste classification for those materials requiring to be taken to landfill.