Numerous studies have shown that the major risks to any development are ground related and these can manifest themselves in many ways – increased costs, time delays and even long term liabilities. It is important to address these potential problems as soon as possible, preferably prior to site acquisition. By appointing a specialist, such as Crossfield Consulting, at an early stage of any development project, the risks may be identified, assessed and costed by means of an appropriate site investigation. The importance of a desk study cannot be over emphasised, as it provides the basic data for the assessment of potential contamination and allows us to identify foundation options and the design of the ground investigation. The ground investigation must be designed to ensure that the most appropriate techniques are used and laboratory testing is relevant to the materials expected to be present.

A site investigation should consider both environmental and geotechnical issues. This approach assists the development of holistic solutions, which can deliver major cost savings in site development.

We are able to offer all aspects of site investigations from desk studies through to design and supervision of the fieldwork and subsequent monitoring.

We have developed good working relationships with BDA approved drillers and UKAS accredited laboratories to ensure that high quality data are acquired at all times.